Sarah Harding's friends have reportedly been urging her to go to rehab all year.

The Girls Aloud singer is being treated for "depression and alcohol addiction" at an unnamed facility, and her closest pals are relieved as they have been "worrying" about her all year, especially since she and DJ Tom Crane called off their engagement earlier this summer.

A friend told the Daily Star newspaper: "Everyone has been worrying about Sarah this year. When Tom proposed at New Year, we were all hoping she would calm down and stop partying so much.

"Tom was hoping the same thing. He adores Sarah, but hates it when she's stupidly drunk, as she's a completely different person.

"She's not ashamed to argue with him in public and can fly off the handle easily."

Sarah, 29, had been shunning Tom's DJ sets to go out drinking, and was left upset when he went to play on the party island of Ibiza, leaving her at home in the UK.

The source added: "Sarah stopped coming to Tom's gigs and just went out drinking night after night with her mates. Tom got fed up of her crazy ways. He told her to calm down, saying they were headed in totally different directions.

"She would go out at night and get so wasted she didn't know what she was saying or doing."

It has also been claimed that Sarah and Tom will head to couple's therapy in a bid to save their relationship after she has finished her rehab treatment.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Tom has agreed to joint therapy and hopefully this will help them to grow stronger and closer.

"They'll give the sessions a trial run and see how much progress they make.

"The past three weeks have been baby Steps for Sarah, so Tom knows it's going to take time."