Sarah Harding's boyfriend has ordered her to go on a month-long detox.

The Girls Aloud singer has reportedly been worrying DJ Tom Crane with her wild partying during her recent UK tour, so he has organised a relaxing trip to the Caribbean now the run of concerts have finished.

A source said: "Sarah will be staying at a spa and will book loads of treatments. Tom has demanded that she doesn't continue with any work until she gets at least a month off to try and get herself back on track. He's going to put her on a complete alcohol ban and take her away to get fit and healthy again."

Sarah's lifestyle has worried her friends and family - especially after she allegedly came close to collapsing during one concert.

The source added to New! magazine: "Since then, she has been suffering headaches and dizzy spells after concerts. She's also been seriously dehydrated at times and became very weak as a result.

"After the shows, Sarah has been partying with the crew on tour. The other girls maybe have a glass of wine and then go to bed, but Sarah has been staying up until 2 or even 3am dancing and drinking."