Sarah Harding could never live in America.

The Girls Aloud singer insists she is happy flying out to the US for short work-related breaks but could never relocate there permanently the way her bandmate Nadine Coyle - who has several businesses in Los Angeles - has done because it is "too fake".

She said: "I'd never live in Los Angeles because it's too fake for me. I would only ever go over for work but that's it, so no, I won't be following in Nadine's footsteps. I'm a country girl really."

Sarah is so focused on her career right now, she has no intention of marrying her long-term boyfriend, DJ Tom Crane.

She revealed: "I'm not going to think about getting married until I've made it as an actress and a solo singer. I'm really happy though!"

The 'Biology' singer recently admitted she barely speaks to Nadine and didn't even know she was in London when she came over earlier this month.

Speaking about pictures of Nadine looking shockingly thin, Sarah said: "I was a bit worried when I saw those photos of her. But to be honest, I didn't even now she was in London - I only found out when I saw the paper. Because she's in Los Angeles, I don't really talk to her."