Sarah Harding is obsessed with juicing.

The Girls Aloud singer is a fan of the popular detox diet - which is based on drinking vitamin-packed fruit and vegetables smoothies to increase nutrient intake, strengthen the immune system and encourage weight-loss - and believes it has had a big impact on her health.

She told Now magazine: ''I'm really into juicing at the moment. I'm very healthy. But I haven't specifically tried to be thin.

''I'll have courgette, cucumber, kale, parsley, spinach - all your greens. When you're on a juicing diet you have four smoothies a day. I don't do it every day, but when I do it sorts me out.''

The svelte star - who is a UK size 6-8 - tries to get in a 30 minute workout on the cross-trainer every day to keep her body looking toned.

Sarah said: ''I have a cross-trainer that I take everywhere with me and I do a good half-hour each day on that, followed by a few sit-ups.

The 'Sound of the Underground' hitmaker is fronting Faceb4's Health B4 Beauty skincare campaign and believes removing your make-up properly is crucial for healthier skin.

Asked whether she had ever passed out without taking off her make-up, Sarah insisted: ''I never did that. Whatever time I got home, I'd always take my make-up off. Sometimes in the band id get spots because I'd be sweating in stage make-up, but I've always had good skin.''