Saoirse Ronan apologises to spiders.

The 16-year-old actress - who plays a teenage assassin in new movie 'Hanna' - hates being cruel to anything and feels terrible if she accidentally kills one of the eight-legged creatures.

She said: "I've never killed an animal. I actually apologise to flies. Well, not flies. I hate flies. But if a spider dies by accident, I'll say sorry to it. I'm not a murderer."

While she feels uncomfortable harming insects, Saoirse was excited about getting the chance to "kick the a*s" of her 'Hanna' co-star Eric Bana, who previously played the titular Marvel superhero in 'Hulk'.

She added: "He is big. He's really big. And he's tall. And he's got huge arms, hasn't he? They're huge!

"It was great actually because I could just go for it. I reckon I did hurt him once or twice. And now I can say that I kicked the a*s of The Hulk."