Sandra Bullock said at the opening for her newest film, the buddy-cop comedy The Heat, that she hopes her new movie will encourage Hollywood filmakers to continue making more female led films. The actress urged for movies like the one she and Bridesmaids star Melissa McCarthy star in to become more of an occurrence in cinemas, adding that she hopes movies like these are just a passing trend.

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Bullock was speaking to reporters on the red carpet for the film on Thursday (June 13) this week and whilst she was busy looking effortlessly beautiful even though she's nearer to 50 than she is forty (she's 48! - you go Sandra), she felt particularly strongly that women should be given the chance to prove their worth in comedy more often. She said, "I'm hoping that this isn't something that is just a trend, sort of a changing of the times and Peter (Feig) started it in Bridesmaids and, you know, fingers crossed, we ladies get to be a part of it in summer."

, who also directed Melissa in Bridesmaids, joined Sandra on the red carpet at the movie's London premiere, also said that the times should be changing and that women should no longer be typecast into the background in major Hollywood movies. Should The Heat prove to be as big a success as his lastfilm, then maybe the winds of change will come blowing through Hollywood.

The film see's Bullock's Sarah Ashburn, a FBI special agent who is forced to team up with Boston detective Shannon Mullins (McCarthy), with the two proving more than a match for each other with their over-inflated personalities. The two manage to work things out though and pretty soon they're taking down a group of notorious mobsters. You know how it goes.

The Heat will hit screens on July 31.

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Bullock at the premiere of the movie

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Bullock and Weig at the premiere