Sandra Bullock doesn't have time for love because of her son.

The actress admits being a mother to three-year-old Louis - whom she adopted in 2010 - is an all-consuming job which leaves her little time to look presentable for dates.

She said: ''Things could change but right now Louis is so young and everything is on such a tight schedule that I don't have time.

''I'm running around after him all day and by the time eight-o-clock comes around, well, believe me... you wouldn't want to go out with the mess that is me! You would want the mess to go take a shower and get some sleep.

''But this time won't last and when it calms down, who knows what could happen.''

The 48-year-old beauty - who split from ex-husband Jesse James in 2010 - also insists that her recent move to Los Angeles from Austin, Texas, doesn't mean she's 'gone Hollywood' and she tends to stay away from the celebrity party circuit.

Speaking to Britain's HELLO! Magazine, she explained: ''I don't think people 'go Hollywood' unless they're not working. When you see people constantly at A-list parties and fashionable nightclubs, it generally means they don't have to work during the day.

''So if you happen to see me around Hollywood, I won't be going to a party, I'll be taking my child to school or a play date. I have some great friends in LA and what we love to do is get together and cook and hang out - not go out to be seen.''