Sandra Bullock never gets to wear nice clothes.

'The Heat' actress joked she favours a scruffy look since becoming a mum to her adoptive son Louis, now aged three, so likes to dress up for special occasions like film premieres because she has a wardrobe full of outfits she can't wear.

Sandra said: ''I love fashion and I love the feeling you get when you go, 'Oh! I love this dress!' But these days the nearest I get to my favourite clothes is to open the closet and look at them hanging on the hangers because the opportunities to wear fun clothes when you have a child to drop off in pre-school are few and far between.

''Most days, it's my favourite jeans, my favourite T-shirt or sweater, hair up in a bun, and off to school. I do try to avoid the sweatpants, but that's as far as it gets.''

The 48-year-old actress confessed the most fashion-forward thing she wears these days is her animal-print pyjamas, because comfort always comes first when you're a mother.

Sandra told Britain's HELLO! magazine: ''Cute and slinky things just don't have a place in my life right now. When I go to bed, I wear a pair of terribly oversized men's flannel pyjamas in a cheetah pattern.

''My son thinks they're brilliant because I look like a very large cheetah entering the room. And that is my life right now - sad but true!''