Among the many celebrities who turned out at the Super Bowl over the weekend, there was one particular star who shared a very special connection with one of the football players dueling it out the field. Sandra Bullock, you might remember, won an Academy Award for her role in The Blind Side, as the mother of one of Michael Oher’s friends at school.

Bullock’s character takes in Oher after discovering that he spends his nights on the streets, the teenager becoming part of their family and, eventually, going on to play professional football. Well, that was based on a true story, and the real life Michael Oher was on the field for the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday evening (February 3, 2013) as his side took a see-saw victory over the San Francisco 49ers. Bullock was in the stands with her son Louis, and sat next to Oher’s real adoptive family the Tuohys to cheer him on.

US Magazine reports that a source told them Bullock still stays in touch with the Tuohys and Oher all the time, texting the sports star “all the time” about football. The touching film was released just weeks before Bullock found out her husband Jesse James had had multiple affairs, so it’s fair to say that the film means a lot to both her and Oher these days; how lovely that they could share in the joy of Sunday night.

Check out the trailer for The Blind Side