Sandra Bullock's estranged husband Jesse James was reportedly cited for vandalism on Thursday (01Apr10) following a clash with a photographer last week (25Mar10).
Police were called to James' West Coast Choppers shop in California last week (ends28Mar10) after a fight with snapper Ulises Rios, who he claims has been stalking him near his Long Beach home.
Both men made citizen's arrests, with Rios accusing James of damaging his parked car in the scuffle.
The TV mechanic has since checked into an Arizona rehab clinic to deal with "personal issues", but faced punishment for his alleged part in the incident when he received a citation from cops on Thursday.
According to Long Beach Police Sgt. Dina Zapalski the citation is the equivalent of an arrest - but James must wait to learn if city prosecutors will press charges.
An attorney for Rios, who received a stalking citation, claims his client shot video footage of the damage James caused, including two slashed tyres, a scratched window and dented door.
The tape has since been handed over to authorities, Rios' lawyer Mark Hashaulter tells E! Online.
James decided to seek treatment at the Sierra Tucson rehab clinic, which specialises in drug, alcohol and sex addiction, after his marriage to The Blind Side star was rocked by claims he had a string of affairs.