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I disagree with the judge who denied the father's request. I believe that unless the father is unfit that the child's welfare is clearly with the father - and the fact that he fights and yells NO at going home definitely needs to be investigated. Does she have more money? Well, how is it obtained. This woman has a vulgar, crude morality and I can hardly believe that she spends "quality" time with her son! She obviously wanted to wreck another marriage for spiteful and selfish reasons and to gain money. Just WHY would a judge deny custody and retain custody to this sort of "mother" when the woman's notoriety alone is going to lead to trauma in the child's life. BAD DECISION JUDGE -- my brother was a Family Commissioner in St. Louis and I think he would agree with me -- THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE CHILD, JUDGE. Just what part of that do you not understand??????????

Posted 5 years 3 months ago by winddancer09

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