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Sandra Bullock (born 26.7.1964)
Sandra Bullock is an American actress, who rose to fame in the 1990s with her roles in films such as Speed and While You Were Sleeping.

Childhood: Sandra Bullock was born in Arlington County, Virginia. Her mother, Helga, was a German opera singer and her father, John, was a Pentagon contractor, as well as a part-time vocal coach, from Alabama.

Bullock lived in Nuremberg, Germany until she was 12 years old. She was a member of the children's opera choir at the Staatstheater Nürnberg. She would travel with her mother on opera tours and often took small parts in the productions herself. Bullock remains a German citizen.

Whilst living in the USA, Sandra Bullock attended Washington-Lee High School. She was involved in a number of school theatre performances, as well as being a member of the cheerleading squad. She later attended East Carolina University but dropped out shortly before she was due to graduate, in order to pursue her acting career.

Acting Career: Bullock moved to Manhattan and took acting classes at the Neighborhood Playhouse. She eventually earned herself a role in the off-Broadway production of No Time Flat. Her performance impressed Alan J. Levi, who offered her a part in the 1989 TV movie Bionic Showdown: the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman.

In the early 1990s, Bullock took roles in a number of independent productions and also took the lead role in a TV adaptation of the film Working Girl, which was shown in 1990. In 1993, she agreed to appear naked in Fire in the Amazon, as long as the nudity was shown tastefully. She reportedly used duct tape to retain some modesty but it proved somewhat painful to remove.

In 1993, Sandra Bullock starred alongside Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man. Although this was not one of her more memorable Hollywood performances, it did lead to her being cast in her breakthrough role in Speed.

Speed, which also starred Keanu Reeves, was a huge box office hit and propelled Bullock to international stardom. Sandra built on the success of Speed, with lead roles in While You Were Sleeping (replacing the original choice of Demi Moore for the role) and Miss Congeniality, a light-hearted comedy.

Bullock went on to reprise two of her hit roles. She starred in Speed 2, although Keanu Reeves declined the offer to re-appear in the sequel. She also starred in Miss Congeniality 2: Armed & Fabulous. By this point in her career, Bullock was commanding huge sums for her appearances, earning a reported $17.5 million for the Miss Congeniality sequel.

In 2002, Bullock starred opposite Hugh Grant in Two Weeks' Notice, a film that was reasonably well-received across the globe.

Two years later, Sandra Bullock appeared in Crash. Many film critics argued that it was a career-best performance for Bullock.

2006 saw Bullock appearing on screen with Keanu Reeves once more in The Lake House, a romantic drama that revolves around the notion of time travel. The next year, she starred in Premonition, with Julian McMahon.

Business: Sandra Bullock owns her own film production company, Fortis Films. Her sister Gesine is the company's president and her father is the CEO.

Bullock also runs a restaurant in Austin, Texas, named Bess Bistro.

Personal Life: Sandra Bullock once dated Tate Donovan. The pair were briefly engaged but spilt after just four years together.

Bullock has also been romantically linked to co-stars Matthew McConaughey and Ryan Gosling, as well as the musician Bob Schneider and the football player Troy Aikman.

In 2005, Bullock married the host of Monster Garage, Jesse James.

In December 2000, Sandra Bullock survived a plane crash when a chartered business plane hit a snowbank at Jackson Hole Airport.

In 2007, Sandra Bullock won a restraining order against Marcia Diana Valentine, an obsessed fan who tried to run over Bullock's husband, Jesse James, in their own driveway.

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'Spy' Is Melissa McCarthy's Big Break Out

Melissa McCarthy Sandra Bullock Kristen Wiig Jason Statham Dwayne Johnson

Melissa McCarthy's new action-comedy 'Spy' marks a leap in her career from supporting goofball (she was Oscar nominated for 'Bridesmaids') to co-lead (alongside Sandra Bullock in 'The Heat') and now to carrying a major blockbuster on her own shoulders. It's no coincidence that all three of these movies are directed by Paul Feig, a filmmaker who has long thought that more films should be centred on strong, funny women.

Melissa McCarthy in 'Spy'Melissa McCarthy in 'Spy'

McCarthy grew up in Illinois, and describes her family as "a bunch of funny men who think women are really funny. I didn't grow up with a sense that people thought any differently."

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Minions Trailer

Since the dawn of time, the Minions have been desperately looking for a master. From dinosaurs, to cave men, to Dracula, to Napoleon, the Minions have sought out the biggest and best of masters from around the world. The trouble is, their optimism and perseverance - while commendable - is nothing compared to their utter ineptitude. The Minions have a terrible problem with either killing their boss, or letting their bosses die in some way. But with the 1960s in full swing and the Minions currently unemployed, they travel to a villain convention to find a new master, and uncover a conspiracy to steal the crown from the Queen of England. 

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Sandra Bullock Named People's Most Beautiful Woman For 2015

Sandra Bullock Lupita Nyong'o

People has named Sandra Bullock the world’s most beautiful woman for 2015, the magazine announced on NBC's 'Today' show. Gracing the magazine's May cover, the 50 year old actress said she thought “that's ridiculous” upon hearing of the honour, adding that she’d so far told no one.

Sandra BullockSandra Bullock is People’s most beautiful woman for 2015.

"Real beauty is quiet. Especially in this town, it's just so hard not to say, 'Oh, I need to look like that,' " Bullock explained to the mag. ”No, be a good person, be a good mom, do a good job with the lunch, let someone cut in front of you who looks like they're in a bigger hurry. The people I find most beautiful are the ones who aren't trying."

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Sandra Bullock's Stalker Comes Before Court

Sandra Bullock

The case of Sandra Bullock’s stalker case has finally come to trial. Yesterday, April 9, Bullock’s 911 call from the night  of the home invasion.

Sandra Bullock
Bullock did not testify in the preliminary hearing.

According to the New York Daily News, Superior Court Judge Terry A. Bork ruled that a prosecutor had shown enough evidence to support that Joshua James Corbett stand trial on charges he stalked the Oscar-winning actress, broke into her home and had an arsenal of illegal assault weapons.

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A Week In Movies: Hollywood Women Win Awards And Trailers Arrive For Films Starring Channing Tatum, Adam Sandler, Spongebob Squarepants And Those Despicable Me Minions

Jennifer Aniston Amy Poehler Channing Tatum Adam Sandler Ryan Gosling Christina Hendricks Antonio Banderas Sandra Bullock

Jennifer Aniston receives the Montecito Award

She may not be up for an Oscar this year, but Jennifer Aniston was awarded the Montecito Award at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, which is currently running in California. She looked sleek and starry as she accepted the award.

Photos - Jennifer Aniston receives the Montecito Award

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Minions - International Trailer

It's a wonder why the prehistoric tribe of Minions have managed to survive so long with limited access to their staple diet of bananas and very little in the way of intelligence. But they make it their life's work to follow and serve the most despicable of villains in return for their care - though, as time goes on, it seems there are fewer and fewer baddies left in the world, ever decreasing down to the Minion's own ineptitudes. From dinosaurs to vampires, Minions have always been loyal to the evil they serve, but after each tragic and accidental death, they are forced to move on. Stuck in a tight spot with no master to serve, they find themselves bored and depressed; that is until head Minions Kevin, Stuart and Bob decide it's time to set out on an adventure. Through blizzards and mountains, never-ending fields and deadly oceans they travel until they reach New York in 1968. They hitchhike to Orlando's annual Villain-Con and it's there they find their new mistress, Scarlet Overkill, and their only hope of saving Minion-kind.

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'Transformers: Age Of Extinction' Leads Razzies Nominations

Transformers Mark Wahlberg Kelsey Grammer Megan Fox Michael Bay Sandra Bullock

Amongst the praise and back-slapping of awards season, the film industry also shows its less serious side once a year. Just a day ahead of the big Oscars reveal, the Golden Raspberry Awards, a ceremony dedicated to showcasing the very worst of the world of the big screen, has announced its list of nominations, and to nobody’s surprise it’s Transformers: Age of Extinction that leads the field.

The fourth instalment of the hugely successful but critically panned Transformers saga, starring Mark Wahlberg and Megan Fox and directed by Michael Bay, has picked up seven nominations in total. They include worst picture, worst director, worst sequel, worst screenplay, worst screen combo (for any two of the fighting robots), worst supporting actress for Nicola Peltz and worst supporting actor for Kelsey Grammer. The former ‘Frasier’ star was also recognised for his roles in The Expendables 3, Think Like a Man Too and Legends of Oz.

Transformers 4 premiere
The 'Bumble Bee' Transformer at the NY premiere of Transformers: Age of Extinction in July 2014

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The Minions Return In Their Own Spin-Off [Trailer + Pictures]

Sandra Bullock Pierre Coffin

Since the continents were all combined as Pangaea, the Minions have existed and lived to serve a despicable master - or so says the trailer of 2015's 'Minions'. The spin-off from the highly popular 'Despicable Me' franchise focuses on the most iconic supporting characters of modern animation in a film of their own. 

The Minions first emerge from the sea
According the film, the Minions have existed for longer than mankind

'Minions' brings Pierre Coffin back once again as the voice of the Minions themselves - specifically Kevin, Bob and Stuart; the protagonists of 'Minions'. Moreover, Coffin serves as the film's director, as he did with the first two and the 2010 short film, 'Minion Madness'. 

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Minions Trailer

The Minions are a prehistoric race with a love of bananas and not the biggest brains individually. Together, their life's mission is to serve the deadliest villain around - but they are not very good at keeping them safe. From the scariest dinosaurs, Egyptian kings, Napoleon and even vampires, Minions have been around to assist the world's tyrants with their dastardly deeds, but it wasn't long before they tragically ran out of baddies to aid. Bored, desolate and miserable, three Minions named Kevin, Stuart and Bob decide enough is enough and set out to find a new master. Trekking through freezing mountains, sprawling pastures and never-ending oceans, they finally arrive in 1968 New York - 42 years before they met their future partner Gru. It's their they meet Scarlet Overkill - an evil mistress with whom they must band together to save their kind.

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Steve Martin Awarded AFI's Life Achievement Award

Steve Martin Jane Fonda Sean Connery Robert De Niro Martin Scorsese Clint Eastwood Al Pacino Meryl Streep Barbra Streisand Elizabeth Taylor Sandra Bullock Cameron Diaz

Steve Martin will receive the "highest honour in film", the American Film Institute's Life Achievement Award. The AFI announced the news on their website on Friday (3rd October).

Steve Martin
Steve Martin has been awarded the AFI Life Achievement Award.

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Keanu Reeves, After Discovering Stranger In His Library, Remains Almost Superhumanly Calm

Keanu Reeves Jennifer Lopez Sandra Bullock

We've seen Keanu Reeves defy gravity and jump between realities as Neo in The Matrix, but we weren't prepared for how incredibly calm he reportedly remained when faced with a complete stranger in his own home.

Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves remained calm when faced with an intruder in his home.

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Talented Actors With Surprisingly Good Rap Skills

Chris Pratt Gwyneth Paltrow Natalie Portman Sandra Bullock Emma Stone

Earlier this month, Guardians of the Galaxy actor Chris Pratt surprised fans around the world with a memorable radio appearance in which he showcased his impressive rapping skills. Contact Music looks at some other talented actors who are surprisingly good at rap.

1) Chris Pratt

Chris PrattGuardians of the Galaxy actor Chris Pratt

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How Sandra Bullock Became The Highest Paid Actress In Hollywood

Sandra Bullock Alfonso Cuaron George Clooney Melissa McCarthy Robert Downey Jr

The results of Forbes annual celebrity rich list are in and it is with a certain amount of surprise thatSandra Bullockwas the highest paid film star of the past year. Bullock raked in over $51 million (that just over £30 million) and it seems that the 50 year-old has made some very shrewd decisions over the past years over which films she attached her name to, and not all of them looked like sure-fire box-office smashes, on paper at least.

Sandra Bullock At The DGA Awards
Sandra's box-office success has exerted a gravitational pull on all cash in her vicinity.

Gravity, directed by Alfonso Cuaron and also starring George Clooney, cost a whopping $100 million to produce thanks to its almost exclusive reliance on extensive special effects. Yet the film excelled with audiences and critics alike, scooping seven Oscars as well as a host of BAFTA’s. Bullock also duly received an Oscar nomination for her role as the astronaut caught in a potentially catastrophic disaster in Earth’s orbit. Gravity drew $716 million in global box-office takings, awarding Bullock and co-star Clooney a tidy sum for their efforts which included a gruelling shooting experience whereupon the leading duo were suspended from wires and trapped in claustrophobic space suits.

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Sandra Bullock No.1 On Forbes' List Of Highest Paid Actresses With $51 Million

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock's past year has been a success to say the least, and after starring in two blockbuster hits, the Academy Award-winning actress has topped Forbes' list of highest-paid Hollywood actresses from June 2013 to June 2014, earning a staggering $51 million.

Sandra Bullock
Bullock is the highest earning actress from this past year

Bullock achieved this honour with two rather memorable roles from the last 12 months, with the first coming in the form of FBI Special Agent Sarah Ashburn in the smash hit comedy 'The Heat, which she stars alongside Melissa McCarthy as Detective Shannon Mullins.

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Picture - Sandra Bullock - Madame Tussauds... New York City New York United States, Wednesday 23rd July 2014

Sandra Bullock - Madame Tussauds New York will present Sandra Bullock's wax figure on her 50th birthday, July 26th - New York City, New York, United States - Wednesday 23rd July 2014

Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock