Cover your ears everyone, Samuel L Jackson said a bad word.

Last night’s (December 15) episode of Saturday Night Live featured a lot of remarkable moments, with a number of interesting guests, Sir Paul McCartney fronting Nirvana once again and a children’s choir performing in honor of the Sandy Hook victims, but among all this, Jackson’s slip-up is still making news.

The 'incident' occurred at the end of Kenan Thompson’s What’s Up With That? sketch, during which Jackson made a cameo appearance, when the star said that Thompson’s DeAndre Cole habit of interrupting his guests before they could speak was “bull***t”. Before that, the actor had also reportedly used the ever offending f-word in the same sketch.

Jackson later took to Twitter to excuse himself, claiming that the incident hadn’t been his fault. SLJ explained that he hadn’t actually used the first expletive and the second one was supposed to have been bleeped. "I only said FUH not f**k!” Jackson defended himself adamantly. We’re sure that this incident will incur a fine for SNL or Jackson himself (does anyone really understand the mysterious way of the FCC?). In light of recent events however, is it worth it to discuss a gaffe on live television in such depth?