Frank (Adien Gillen) is British. He makes TV props for a living. He smokes a lot and drinks with his mates. He has that restless, what's-my-life-about feeling of late-20s malaise.

"The Low Down" is supposed to be a movie about how Frank eventually pulls himself together with the help of a good woman, an optimistic young real estate agent named Ruby (Kate Ashfield). But until he does pull himself together, which isn't until literally 30 seconds before the credits roll, the film's cast of arguably interesting people don't do a thing worth paying eight bucks to watch.

I hardly took any notes at the screening of this film because there just wasn't much to write about. Frank has trouble with the lashing-out of an artistically bored business partner pal. He half-heartedly looks for a condo until Ruby catches on that he just wants to see her and not so much the flats she shows him.

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