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Miss Julie - Trailer

Over the course of one night in an Irish country estate in the 1880s, a man and a woman engage in an illicit romantic relationship. The problem is, that Julie (Jessica Chastain) is the daughter of an Irish Count, and Jean (Colin Farrell) is the valet of her father. Despite his well-read and well-travelled nature, Jean is still a servant, and cannot indulge in the love with his boss' daughter. Julie, however, knows that Jean must do as he commands, and begins a game of forcing him more and more into the romantic confrontation they are both denied.

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Picture - Samantha Morton - Nick Grimshaw... London United Kingdom, Friday 15th August 2014

Samantha Morton - Nick Grimshaw celebrates his birthday with friends at Shoreditch House - London, United Kingdom - Friday 15th August 2014

Decoding Annie Parker Trailer

Annie Parker is a fun-loving young woman struggling with the difficulties of motherhood, a husband who's slowly losing interest and, more importantly, breast cancer. She is unsurprised that she has become afflicted with the disease following her mother and older sister's suffering, but she suddenly finds herself overcome with the determination to find out why. Meanwhile, a young research geneticist named Mary-Claire King is looking into a breakthrough theory that suggests that some women are genetically pre-disposed to have breast cancer due to a particular gene. Unfortunately for her, there are few scientists who believe her theory. In order to prove her theory, she must conduct a research project looking into cancer sufferers' and their relatives' medical history - and that's where Annie Parker is eager to help.

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How Could Fitness Freak Andrew Marr, 50, Have A Stroke?

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Andrew Marr, the 50-year-old BBC presenter and incredibly keen runner, is recovering in hospital after suffering a stroke. The typical stroke patient is often thought of as being elderly, potentially overweight and a smoker - so what stopped the blood from running to Marr's brain correctly?

As the BBC reports, anyone of any age can suffer from a stroke, with 150,000 people in the UK having a stroke each year - a quarter of them are under 65. Risky lifestyle choices increase the chances of a stroke, including smoking, "carrying too much weight around the belly" and being too fond of alcohol. In his high pressure working environment, it is possible that a sudden peak in blood pressure could have caused Marr's stroke, though this has not be confirmed. There is also mixed evidence around the impact of drinking a lot of coffee as well as irregular heartbeats and blood pools in the heart. 

The BBC presenter is by no means the only high profile individual to suffer a stroke at an early age. The actress Sharon Stone was 44 when she was hospitalised, while Samantha Morton was even younger at 31. Legendary tennis player Rod Laver was 59 when he suffered a stroke, while Playboy magnate Hugh Hefner was in his late fifties. Dr Clare Walton from the Stroke Association said, "I would say that it is a common misconception that this is a condition of just the elderly. A quarter of strokes are in working-age people and children and babies also have strokes."