Sam Worthington is so hairy he looks like he is wearing a ''woolly jacket'' when he is naked.

The Australian actor - who is best known for his turn as a former US marine in sci-fi movie 'Avatar' - believes few people can tell when he is nude because he is particularly hirsute.

He said: ''I'm freckly so they all join together and make you look like you have a tan. Because I'm so hairy though, I can get away with it.

''When I'm naked it actually looks like I'm wearing a woolly jacket. It looks like I'm fully clothed! It's like a Brillo pad tuxedo.''

His hairy body meant he was well known as ''Chewie'' - after ape-like 'Star Wars' character Chewbacca - when he was younger.

He revealed to Empire magazine: ''My nickname? Chewie. I'm hairy like Chewbacca. I've had the nickname for years. I'm hairy all over.''

Even Sam's behind is covered in such a thick layer of fuzz he believes it could be ''ponytailed''.

He added: ''How hairy is my arse out of one to ten? About 1050. You can ponytail that s**t!''