Sam Smith's music teacher was left devastated when the singer's record label bosses turned down plans for the pair to record a duet because they were hoping to secure a collaboration with Beyonce.

The Grammy Award-winning star was taught to perform by British singer Joanna Eden, who coached him from the age of nine, and she has revealed they had planned to record and release the first track they wrote together.

However, the idea was dismissed by executives at Smith's label, and Eden admits she was passed over because they were hoping to land a big name star instead.

She tells Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper, "Sam came up with this perfect little pop song called Hold On Tight. It's always been my favourite; I threw in a few chords and wrote a verse. For years I've been urging him to release it, and I was keen to do a duet with him. When he asked his label, they refused because they were waiting for Beyonce... whoever she is, or another singer of that ilk to duet with him. I can understand it; that's the business."