Sam Palladio

Picture - Sam Palladio - ABC's 'Nashville'... New York New York United States, Thursday 30th April 2015

Sam Palladio - ABC's 'Nashville' Live in Concert Tour at Beacon Theater - New York, New York, United States - Thursday 30th April 2015

Sam Palladio

Strange Magic Trailer

In a magical world of fairies and goblins, two worlds live secluded from each other, with neither knowing of the other's existence. But one day, a beastly creature stumbles out of the forest, causing the fairies to question just what lives in the woods. With the two societies meeting for the first time, hostilities emerge, leading to the kidnapping and ransom of one of the fairies. With all-out war on the horizon, to falls to an elite group of heroes to venture where no fairy has gone before, and prove that perhaps the two races aren't as different on the inside as they are on the outside. 

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Picture - Sam Palladio - Shots of... Nashville Tennessee United States, Thursday 6th November 2014

Sam Palladio - Shots of a variety of stars as they took to the red carpet for the 48th Annual Country Music Association Awards which were held at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee, United States - Thursday 6th November 2014

Picture - Sam Palladio and Chaley Rose... Manhattan New York United States, Wednesday 14th May 2014

Sam Palladio and Chaley Rose - Entertainment Weekly and ABC Network 2014 Upfront Presentation - Arrivals - Manhattan, New York, United States - Wednesday 14th May 2014

Sam Palladio

Picture - Sam Palladio, Patty Hanson and... Nashville Tennessee United States, Thursday 7th November 2013

Sam Palladio, Patty Hanson and Charles Esten - 47th Annual CMA Awards Red Carpet at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN - Nashville, Tennessee, United States - Thursday 7th November 2013

Sam Palladio
Sam Palladio, Patty Hanson and Charles Esten

Runner Runner Review


Clearly something went horribly wrong as this thriller was being made, because despite a solid cast, gorgeous locations and an intriguing premise, the film is an incoherent mess. Sure, it looks achingly cool, but there isn't a single moment when the characters' motivations make any sense. And there's never a hint of suspense or danger.

It doesn't help that the set-up revolves around two of the least cinematic things on earth: finances and computers. Timberlake plays Princeton grad student Richie, who runs a gambling website to pay his tuition but loses his savings when another site cheats him. So he heads to Costa Rica to confront the online casino boss Ivan (Affleck). Impressed with his initiative, Ivan offers him a job, and soon Richie has more cash than he can possibly spend. But for some reason, all he wants is Ivan's colleague-girlfriend Rebecca (Arterton). Then a nosey FBI agent (Mackie) forces Richie to help him take Ivan down.

Director Fuhrman showed considerable promise with another renegade loner in The Lincoln Lawyer, but this film simply refuses to fill in enough of the gaps. Nothing that happens here is remotely convincing, as the characters are continually thrust into half-developed scenarios. Perhaps there's a more coherent longer version out there, because this one feels like it was edited with a machete. Even as a cautionary tale about the dangers of greed, this story has nothing relevant to say.

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Runner, Runner Trailer

Richie Furst is a Princeton student with a unique gift for mathematics. He uses his talent to play the odds on online poker sites but what's starts out as gambling for fun, turns into much more as he struggles to pay his school fees. He has one more chance to bring up his bank balance but finds himself busted out of a game (and the last of his money) despite his calculations telling him he should win. Determined to discover the meaning behind what he thinks is a scam, he visits the website's owner Ivan Block who offers him a job with a guaranteed 7-figure salary in just a few months. Unfortunately, he finds himself conned worse than he realised when he is kidnapped by an FBI agent for his apparent 'crimes' and uncovers the corrupt and often cruel operations behind Ivan and his company. Now his tuition fees are the least of his worries as he is now gambling for his life.

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Sam Palladio

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