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Kate Winslet Worried About Wetting Herself During Labor Day Premiere

15th October 2013

Kate Winslet worried she was going to wet herself at the 'Labor Day' premiere.The heavily pregnant actress hit the red carpet in London's Leicester Square last night (15.10.13) to promote her new drama as part...

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Kate Winslet: Single Mums Have Bad Reputation

6th October 2013

Kate Winslet thinks single parents have an undeserved bad reputation.The 'Revolutionary Road' actress - who is expecting her first child with third husband Ned Rocknroll and is already mother to Mia, 12, and Joe, nine,...

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'Solo' Author William Boyd Touts Daniel Day-lewis For James Bond

By Michael West | 25th September 2013

British novelist William Boyd launched the latest James Bond novel at London's Dorchester Hotel on Wednesday (September 25, 2013). The book, called Solo, sees a 45-year-old Bond travel to worn-torn Africa in the late 1960s.William...

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It's Only 'Rocknroll' But Kate Winslet Will Never Take Her Husband's Name

By Joe Wilde | 19th September 2013

Rather than do things the old fashioned way, Kate Winslet has decided that she will keep hold of her last name rather than go by her husband's surname from here on in. Probably a wise...

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Kate Winslet Won't Take Husband's Name

18th September 2013

Kate Winslet won't take her husband, Ned Rocknroll's, name.The Oscar-winning actress wed billionaire Richard Branson's nephew - who was born Ned Abel Smith - in December 2012, but insists she has no plans to change...

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Naomie Harris Set For More Action In Bond 24

16th September 2013

Naomie Harris will be involved in more action scenes in 'Bond 24'.The 'Skyfall' actress - who was introduced as Miss Moneypenny in last year's box office hit - will have a bigger role in the...

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Labrinth Pens James Bond Theme Tune?

13th September 2013

Labrinth thinks he's penned the next James Bond theme tune.The rapper has been hard at work crafting his second album and says one of the more experimental songs would make the perfect soundtrack to Sam...

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Liza Minnelli Can't Wait For Michelle Williams' Cabaret Debut

6th September 2013

Liza Minnelli is ''excited'' to see Michelle Williams in 'Cabaret'.The 32-year-old actress will make her Broadway debut as Sally Bowles in a revival of the musical next March, and the screen icon - who played...

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Michelle Williams To Star In 'Cabaret' On Broadway Debut

By Lauren James | 5th September 2013

Actress Michelle Williams will make her broadway debut in a production of the world famous musical Cabaret next April reports BBC News. The Brokeback Mountain actress will play the lead female character Sally Bowles and...

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Michelle Williams Heading To Broadway

5th September 2013

Michelle Williams will make her Broadway debut next March.The 32-year-old actress, who has been nominated for an Oscar three times, is set to star as Sally Bowles opposite acclaimed British actor Alan Cumming, 48, in...

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Michelle Williams Joins Cabaret For Broadway Debut

By Elinor Cosgrave | 5th September 2013

Michelle Williams will star in a Broadway production of the musical Cabaret as seductive and troubled singer Sally Bowles. The production will mark William's Broadway debut.Michelle Williams at the L.A. premiere of Oz the Great...

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Damian Lewis: Bond Role Would Be 'Wonderful'

3rd September 2013

Damian Lewis says it would be ''wonderful'' to play James Bond.The 'Homeland' actor would love to succeed 'Skyfall' star Daniel Craig in the role of 007 on the big screen, however, he thinks Craig is...

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Would Irony Be A Step Back For Daniel Craig And James Bond?

By Michael West | 29th August 2013

Daniel Craig says he's hoping to restore some of James Bond's traditional sense of irony in his next outing as 007, which reteams the actor with Skyfall director Sam Mendes.Craig, who's previous outing as the...

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'The Hollow Crown': Shakespeare 4-Play Miniseries Out Soon On Dvd

By Lauren James | 9th August 2013

Shown last summer on BBC2, the spectacular, four-part, historical drama series, The Hollow Crown will be available to buy on DVD and to digitally download at the end of this month. The episodes began being...

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British Films Kick In 15% To International Box Office - Down 2%

By Jack de Aguilar | 23rd July 2013

The phenomenal success of Skyfall – Britain’s highest grossing film of all time - couldn’t stop a slump that saw the U.K’s contribution to the global box office fall 2% to 15%. It seems James...

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Title Of New James Bond Movie: 'Devil May Care'?

By Lauren James | 14th July 2013

The Sun's Bizarre has reported that the new James Bond movie, and follow-on from this year's enormously successful Skyfall, will be titled Devil May Care after Sebastian Faulk's 2008 novel which was written to celebrate...

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New Bond Movie Will Be Based On Devil May Care - Report

13th July 2013

Daniel Craig and director Sam Mendes will be adapting Sebastian Faulks' James Bond book Devil May Care for the next 007 movie, according to a U.K. report.Faulks wrote the 2008 novel, a sequel to The...

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James Bond 24 Will Be Named Devil May Care

13th July 2013

The next 'James Bond' movie will be called 'Devil May Care'.The sequel to last year's 'Skyfall' will see Daniel Craig return as the fictional British spy, while director Sam Mendes has confirmed his return to...

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A Week In Movies: The World's End Premieres, Mendes Returns To Bond, Oldboy Teases

By Rich Cline | 12th July 2013

This week's big world premiere was in London for The World's End, where Simon Pegg and Nick Frost walked a blue carpet alongside costars Eddie Marsan, Paddy Considine and Rosamund Pike. The apocalyptic pub crawl...

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Sam Mendes Signs For ‘Bond 24,’ Though John Logan’S Return Is Key

By Michael West | 12th July 2013

James Bond fans received the news they’d be waiting for on Thursday – Sam Mendes would be returning for the twenty-fourth 007 movie, following the huge success of Skyfall.Given his theatre commitments, it was assumed...

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Sam Mendes Will Direct Daniel Craig In 24th James Bond Film

By Elinor Cosgrave | 12th July 2013

Director Sam Mendes will be directing the next James Bond movie. The film is due to be released in 2015. The Skyfall director will work with Daniel Craig, who will be reprising his role as...

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Sam Mendes Returning To Direct Next James Bond Film

11th July 2013

Sam Mendes is returning to the director's chair for the follow-up to his hit James Bond epic Skyfall.Mendes insisted he would not be back for the 24th film in the 007 franchise after the 2012...

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Will Sam Mendes Be Able To Replicate Skyfall's Success?

By Jack de Aguilar | 11th July 2013

The news that Sam Mendes – who helmed the most successful Bond of all time – is returning for the 24th incarnation of 007 will come as a huge relief for fans of the franchise....

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Sam Mendes Confirmed For Bond 24

11th July 2013

Sam Mendes has been confirmed to direct Bond 24 for a 2015 release date.The 'Skyfall' director - who previously ruled himself out of helming the next instalment in the spy franchise - will return as...

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Elevator Breaks During Sam Mendes' Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

30th June 2013

A performance of Sam Mendes' new London musical Charlie And The Chocolate Factory was halted on Friday (28Jun13) when a prop elevator broke down in mid-air.Stars of the show were left dangling in a glass...

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The Things They Say: 3736217

27th June 2013

"It was a bit distracting because when you have a great performance like Gene Wilder's, it's very difficult to get that out of your head, but I deliberately didn't go back and watch either movie......

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Sam Mendes: 'I'm Not Ready To Make A Decision About Bond'

26th June 2013

Sam Mendes has confirmed reports suggesting he is in talks to direct the follow-up to hit Bond film Skyfall.The moviemaker insisted he would not be back for Bond 24 shortly after the release of the...

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'Charlie And The Chocolate Factory: The Musical' Premieres Followed By A Star-studded After-party [Pictures]

By Elinor Cosgrave | 26th June 2013

The opening night of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: The Musical turned out to be a star studded occasion. The after party pictures show the turnout of celebrities in support of director Sam Mendes, who...

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Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Musical Debuts In West End

By Lauren James | 26th June 2013

When Sam Mendes first decided to adapt Roald Dahl's 49 year-old best loved children's book about an eccentric chocolate maker and one very lucky little boy, he hadn't anticipated the scale or scope of his...

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'Charlie And The Chocolate Factory: The Musical', Directed By Sam Mendes, Will Open Tonight

By Elinor Cosgrave | 25th June 2013

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: The Musical has been re-envisioned by Sam Mendes and will open its doors to the public for the first time this evening at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane.For those of...

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