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In The Heart Of The Sea Trailer

In The Heart Of The Sea is the true seaman's tale based on the last outing of the Whaling Ship Essex. After setting sale from the port on Nantuckett the 20 man crew expect their journey to be much like the others they've been on, very long and tough but on an old but very trusty ship.

After leaving the port, almost immediately the men are hit by a powerful storm which damages the boat. knowing they must make money and make the trip profitable before returning home, the men continue with their mission. After months of good fishing, the men doc at various ports for supplies. Almost a year into their trip and the Essex is struck by a gigantic whale which causes irreparable damage to the ship's hull.

Stuck with no other choice the surviving men must board one of the incredibly small whaling boats that they have on board. The remaining crew members find themselves stuck in a life-threatening situation, 1000 miles from land, incredibly tight rations and stuck at sea for an unknown amount of time, the crew must find a way to endure - both mentally and physically.

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Burnt Review


Strong characters help hold the attention as this overcooked drama develops, but in the end it feels so concocted that it's difficult to believe. While there's plenty of potential in the premise, the film becomes distracted by irrelevant subplots that try to stir up some tension but never quite manage it. And for a movie about food, the cuisine is simply too abstract to be mouthwatering.

At the centre is Adam (Bradley Cooper), a bad boy chef whose partying ways ended his high-flying career in Paris. After a period of penance in New Orleans, he moves to London to start again, with the goal of finally getting his elusive third Michelin star. Since he has alienated his friends, he turns to Tony (Daniel Bruhl), a guy who always had a soft spot for him and happens to be running a posh restaurant, which Adam quickly takes over. He rustles up some old colleagues (Omar Sy and Riccardo Scamarcio) and hires hot-shot Helene (Sienna Miller) as his sous chef. But his demanding perfectionism is keeping things from running very smoothly.

This set-up is ripe for both black comedy and soul-searching drama, and yet writer Steven Knight throws in irrelevant sideroads including a mandated therapist (the wonderful Emma Thompson), a bitter rival (a jagged Matthew Rhys), a couple of randomly violent loan sharks and a precocious little girl. Even though the actors do what they can to make every scene intriguing, none of these story elements add anything to the overall film. Still, Cooper holds the movie together with sheer charisma, even if his sudden transition from absolute tyrant to cuddly sweetheart isn't terribly convincing. At least he adds some surprising textures to his scenes, and indulges in sparky banter with those around him. And while Miller is solid in her thankless role, even she can't breathe life into such a thinly developed romance.

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Burnt Premiere UK Premiere

John Wells, Sam Keeley, Omar Sy, Sienna Miller, Bradley Coooer , Daniel Bruhl - Burnt Premiere UK premiere held at the Vue cinema - Arrivals - London, United Kingdom - Wednesday 28th October 2015

John Wells, Sam Keeley, Omar Sy, Sienna Miller, Bradley Coooer and Daniel Bruhl
John Wells
John Wells, Sam Keeley, Omar Sy, Sienna Miller, Bradley Coooer and Daniel Bruhl

The European Premiere Of 'Burnt' Held At The Vue West End

John Wells, Sam Keeley, Omar Sy, Sienna Miller, Bradley Cooper , Daniel Bruhl - The European Premiere of 'Burnt' held at the Vue West End - Arrivals at Vue West End - London, United Kingdom - Wednesday 28th October 2015

John Wells, Sam Keeley, Omar Sy, Sienna Miller, Bradley Cooper and Daniel Bruhl
John Wells, Sam Keeley, Omar Sy, Sienna Miller, Bradley Cooper and Daniel Bruhl

Burnt - Teaser Trailer

Restauranteering is not a profession that should be taken lightly. Indeed, it's less of a job and more of a way of life for Adam Jones, who has wanted to become the greatest chef the world has ever seen since as long as he can remember. He was just 16-years-old when he left school to go to Paris and achieve his dream; becoming a Michelin star chef infamous across the Parisian culinary scene. But his rise to success came much too soon, and it wasn't long before his dream began to crumble around him, beaten by a life of drugs, violence, and volatile behaviour. With many of his opponents thinking him dead, he returns to London a new man to reignite his passion, earn a third Michelin star, and open the best restaurant in the world. All he needs is a talented team behind him, who is willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

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Monsters: Dark Continent Trailer

Ten years after an alien probe crashed into Mexico, the monster plague has spread out of South America to the rest of the world. With 'Infected Zones' sprouting up all over the planet, and the Middle East has gone through an insurgency, in addition to being almost entirely taken over by the hordes of monsters. The army head into the area to deal with the insurgency, but in the process they are forced to deal with the overwhelming monster threat. With the fight between men and monsters, the army are forced to learn about the true value of life and love.

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In The Heart of The Sea - Teaser Trailer

In August of 1819, The Essex set sail from New England. The whaling ship set out beyond the edges of the map to hunt in unknown waters. What the 21-man crew discovered, was far from what they could ever have imagined. A sperm whale - absolutely gigantic and hell-bent on destroying their comparatively tiny ship. While battling the demon of a sea beast, the ship was destroyed, and many of the crew were killed. As the few survivors struggled to find land and make their way back to South America, they faced a harrowing adventure, and fought insanity, storms, starvation and despair. All with the great whale fresh in their minds. The crew referred to it as Moby Dick.

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Celebrities Arrive At Today FM

Sam Keeley - Up-and-coming Irish actor about to star in Ron Howard's movie 'In The Heart Of The Sea', Sam Keeley, at Today FM studios - Dublin, Ireland - Monday 12th August 2013

Sam Keeley
Sam Keeley
Sam Keeley

Guests Attend The 2013 IFTA Awards At The Convention Centre

Sam Keeley - Guests attend the 2013 IFTA Awards at The Convention Centre Dublin Ireland Saturday 9th February 2013

Sam Keeley

What Richard Did Review


Not only is this Irish drama sharply well written and directed, but it also features a jaw-dropping breakout performance by young Irish actor Jack Reynor. He's already been snapped up by Hollywood (Michael Bay has cast him in Transformers 4), but it's well worth having a look at his sensitive work in this haunting film.

Reynor is the eponymous Richard, an 18-year-old golden boy who charms everyone he meets. He's the natural leader of his local rugby team, attends university in his spare time and has a loyal gang of pals around him. Then one night he attends a house party with his new girlfriend (Murphy) and his closest pals (Drea and Walton), and a drunken confrontation turns ugly. What happens next is so sudden that it takes a couple of days for the ramifications to emerge, and Richard's life starts falling apart around him. He turns to his father (Mikkelsen) for help, but realises it's up to him to do the right thing. If he can.

The film is loosely based on a real event, and Campbell's script never over-writes the story, letting the situation develop in earthy, honest ways that focus on character interaction and introspection rather than big melodramatic clashes. And Abrahamson's astute direction makes it impossible to watch this film passively: we are thrown right into the situation along with Richard, forced to grapple with moral issues that seem very simple on the surface but ripple out in unexpected ways as the situation brings out aspects of his personality that he has always suppressed in order to live up to expectations.

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