Sam Bailey will no doubt still be reeling from her x factor final success and subsequent chart success with debut single 'Skyscraper.' Having won the talent show and scored the Christmas No. 1, the next task on Bailey's agenda is getting her debut album written and released, as the singer recently revealed that she is already set to hit the studio and start working on her first full-length.

Sam Bailey
'Skyscraper' became one of the year's biggest-selling sngles

Bailey's first LP will consist largely of cover versions of already-popular songs, which apparently infuriated her X Factor mentor Sharon Osbourne, but this is something that Sam isn't too bothered about. Rather than be bummed out by the lack of originality appearing on her album, Bailey instead said she was simply excited to be making music and happy that she gets to make an album in the first place, which is, refreshingly, the exact kind of outlook we'd have hoped from the everywoman.

"2014 is going to be a huge year for me," Bailey told the Official Chart Company in a recent sit-down. "Basically, I'm in the studio pretty much straight away. We're hoping to get an album out for spring. On the album, I'm going to try and do things a little bit differently."

"I want to do some songs that people haven't heard in a while, and bring back some stuff that people probably haven't even heard of, so that it feels like a new song." She continued, "I'm going to try and do some stuff of my own and get some songs out there that are originals. We're getting our head together in the next few weeks just to see what we can come up with. I'm really excited and I'm just ready to knuckle down and get this album out."

No title or exact release date has been revealed yet, but we expect that all to come in due time, once Bailey has actually gotten to work in the studio.

Watch the video for Sam Bailey's Christmas No. 1 'Skyscraper'

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Bailey is still getting used to fame