Actress Salma Hayek fears she has missed out on the chance to establish herself as a credible director after taking a step back from Hollywood to focus on her family.

The Frida star has taken charge of just one project, Tv movie The Maldonado Miracle in 2003, but she wishes she had continued to build on her career as a filmmaker before settling down with her husband Francois-Henri Pinault and becoming a mum to five-year-old daughter, Valentina.

Hayek insists she is "in absolute bliss" when she directs, and tells InStyle magazine, "I might have made a big mistake in my life by not doing more of it when I should have, so maybe it will be what I do later in life."

The actress has since turned her focus back to her screen career and although she's excited about the projects she's being offered, the beauty admits she is already struggling with the guilt of being away from home.

However, Hayek credits Pinault with helping her to get over the "panic" she is experiencing and encouraging her to pursue her career.

The 46 year old says, "My life - it's about to change. Valentina is five. And I'm entering a time whereby it's a miracle I'm being offered all the things I ever dreamed about; parts I never, ever dreamt I'd get. And I'm struggling with that because of the time away from home that will be necessary.

"Before, I was only taking small parts, where I could come and then go back to my family because that's my priority. But I'm at a crossroads right now because life is presenting me with certain opportunities that are a lot more demanding. Right now I'm in a panic with this decision. Or at least I would be in a panic if I did not have a husband who says, 'Go, do it, you deserve it. And I deserve to watch you onscreen. The people next door deserve to watch what you can do. You owe it to yourself. There is a reason why it is happening now.'"