Before you read on you should be aware that this has nothing to do with an Israeli Death Metal band or a Heavy Metal band from Hull. Obviously Salem is chosen a lot (apologies) as a bands name. What we are dealing with here is a band, a trio, a threesome, although not in the biblical sense, hailing from Chicago/Michigan/Traverse City U.S.A. John, Heather & Jack are a Goth-Drug-Chill-Drag-Witch House-Doom Crunk band whose previous EP releases have included the beautifully titled 'Yes, I Smoke Crack'.

'We've never played live it seems dull.' 'A World of violence and abuse is what we see, so it's what we write.' Still with me?

Upon hearing the title track of the new album, King Night, a Last FM listener commented 'This sounds like the end of the world!' Are you still with me?

John knew Heather, they were friends. Heather used to hang out. Jack met John and said we should be friends. Heather used to hang out. Jack lays down the beats sends them over to John to work out the song and Heather sings if you're lucky. This is over simplifying things and probably doing a disservice to Heather, again apologies.

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