Not horrible -- though this Judd Nelson crime comedy doesn't have a whole lot going for it, namely its hampering by a rather obvious script. Nelson and the always-fun Seymour Cassel play hit men who have just killed the son of the local mob boss (permanent gangster character actor Joe Viterelli). Apparently oblivious to their imminent predicament, Nelson decides to look for some booty at the local convenience store and Cassel, who has recently outed himself, heads to the local bar for a strawberry daiquiri. Naturally, Viterelli will encounter our hapless thugs -- but not before they have crossed paths with two local waitresses and a pair of goofball slacker types. All of this comes together in, you guessed it, a heap of sex and bullets.

The film is helped admirably by the two slutty waitresses -- admirably played by Marisa Ryan and Amy Hathaway -- two girls who clearly hate each other only slightly less than they hate their own lives. The rest of the film is a bit forgettable -- a bunch of tired jokes about condoms and froufrou drinks, but at least it's not a total loss. Here's to hoping Ryan and Hathaway move on to brighter things!

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