Saint Etienne Celebrate The Re-issue Of Casino Classics

Saint Etienne Celebrate The Re-issue Of Casino Classics

Saint Etienne  release of an 'updated' version of their remix compilation Casino Classics, while the band's lead singer Sarah Cracknell re-releases an expanded version of her 1997 solo album, Lipslide. 

Both albums are out now on Heavenly Recordings via Universal Music Catalogue.  

The two new releases round out a set of Saint Etienne re-issues that commenced in 2009 with the expanded version of the group's debut, Fox Base Alpha. Saint Etienne's entire back catalogue, 8 studio albums, 2 compilations plus Sarah's solo record, has all now been completely remastered an updated with new artwork, sleeve notes, and unreleased and rare bonus material. 

Casino Classics is available as both a 2 disc deluxe edition and a limited-edition 4 CD set. The digital release features a further 10 remixes not included on the 4 disc set, making 54 mixes in total - completists queue here!. All formats include the remixes featured on the original release in 1996 as well as additional remixed tracks from 1996-2012. 

Casino Classics was originally issued in 1996 and widely recognised as a milestone remix compilation. It collected all the band's remixes up to that point plus some specially commissioned for the release. 

Always quick to acknowledge and embrace 'the dancefloor', Saint Etienne have worked with some of the most interesting and innovative producers, remixers and DJs of the last twenty years. Names such as Andrew Weatherall, The Chemical Brothers, Richard X, Masters At Work, Underworld, Paul Van Dyk and Aphex Twin have transformed some of Saint Etienne's best known songs into 'floor-fillers' and 'club classics'. 

Sarah Cracknell's Lipslide, which has been out of print for 6 years, is released as an expanded, re-mastered 2-disc edition. The 1st disc features the original album, while the 2nd disc includes demos and un-released material, including an amazing unreleased collaboration with Liverpool group Shack on Miles Apart. 

Lipslide, originally released by Gut Records in 1997, was co-produced by Sarah and a variety of renowned U.K. producers, including Ian Catt, Stephen Lioroni and Stephen Hague and co-written with Johnny male, Guy Batson and Mark Waterfield. It was released during Saint Etienne's '4 year hiatus' between the albums Tiger Bay (1994) and Good Humor (1998). 

Casino Classics 

Disc one 

01. Only Love Can Break Your Heart - Andrew Weatherall 

02. Like A Motorway - Chemical Brothers 

03. Kiss And Make Up - Peter Heller 

04. Speedwell - The Aloof 

05. Filthy - Monkey Mafia 

06. Only Love Can Break Your Heart - Masters At Work 

07. Avenue - Gordon King 

08. Who Do You Think You Are - Aphex Twin 

09. Cool Kids Of Death - Underworld 

10. Hug My Soul - Sure Is Pure 

Disc two 

01. Like A Motorway - David Holmes 

02. He's On The Phone - Motiv 8 

03. The Sea - PFM 

04. Angel - Broadcast 

05. Sylvie - Faze Action 

06. How We Used To Live - Paul Van Dyk 

07. Boy Is Crying - Hybrid 

08. Action - DJ Tiesto 

09. Heart Failed - Two Lone Swordsmen 

10. Burnt Out Car - Mark Brown 

11. Method of Modern Love - Richard X 

Limited edition bonus disc one 

01. Nothing Can Stop Us - Masters At Work 

02. People Get Real - Death In Vegas 

03. Nothing Can Stop Us - Lionrock 

04. Join Our Club - Billy Nasty 

05. Who Do You Think You Are - Roger Sanchez 

06. Your Head My Voice - The Aphex Twin 

07. Like A Motorway - Autechre 

08. Pale Movie - Secret Knowledge 

09. Sometimes In Winter - Psychonaughts 

10. He's On The Phone - Primax 

11. Angel - Way Out West 

Limited edition bonus disc two 

01. Burnt Out Car - Balearico 

02. Sylvie - Trouser Enthusiast 

03. 4.35 In The Morning - Kid Loco 

04. Foto Stat - Bronx Dogs 

05. Uri Geller Bent My Boyfriend - Add N To X 

06. Loose That Girl - Trouser Enthusiast 

07. How We Used To Live - Aim 

08. Heart Failed - Bridge And Tunnel 

09. Northwestern - Si Cut DB 

10. Action - Laub 

11. Soft Like Me - K.O.W. Radiophonic 

12. Method Of Modern Love - Cola Boy 


Disc one 

01. Ready Or Not 

02. Home 

03. Coastal Town 

04. Desert Baby 

05. Anymore 

06. How Far 

07. Goldie 

08. Taxi 

09. Taking Off For France 

10. If You Leave Me 

11. Can't Stop Now 

Bonus Disc 

01. Ready Or Not - demo 

02. Can't Stop Now - demo 

03. What Kind Of Love 

04. Fifth Floor 

05. Aussie Soap Girl 

06. You Just Won Me Over 

07. Judy Don't You Worry 

08. Sea Shells 

09. Summer Song 

10. Home - UK album version 

11. Departure Lounge 

12. Empire State High 

13. Open Your Eyes 

14. What Happens Next 

15. Miles Apart