The American action film has been slowly drowning to death in a sea of Asian wire-fu copycats. It's not a pretty death, and it's leaving the likes of Schwarzenegger, Stallone, and Van Damme wearing cement galoshes at the bottom of a kung fu sea.

Sometimes, the mix results in a mind-blowing spectacle unlike any other. Quality action with amazing and exciting stunt work, as in 1999's The Matrix, can be a real gem. But too often Hollywood gets it wrong, even when they pay off Chinese directors. Flying ninjas and floating karate masters have been replaced by soaring Bronx detectives and slow motion kicking scientists. Mostly it's laughable. In Hollywood's rush to emulate the success of The Matrix, trademark Asian stunt choreography has become more of a joke than an art form. But Iron Monkey, the latest Asian import, shows us how to get it right.

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