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Everywhere and Nowhere Trailer

For all his life, it has been presumed that when Ash finished his studies he'd enter the family business but recently he's been realising that he has dreams and ambitions of his own, far from those that his father always took for granted. A clever and attractive guy, Ash is stuck between two worlds: there's the hedonistic life he leads with his friends in London city where nothing is off limits and there's also the more conservative part of his life which centres on his family.

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My Beautiful Laundrette Review

Unusual and quirky, one wonders how much of a cult hit My Beautiful Laundrette would have been without a very early performance by Daniel Day-Lewis as the gay pal of an Indian entrepreneur. Centering around the run-down laundromat the pair fix up and the gangster elements they face down in order to do it, Laundrette is often fun and endearing, at least when it makes sense.

The Courtesans Of Bombay Review

Ismael Merchant's 1983 documentary takes a quick and almost casual look at one of Bombay's odd compounds: A residence/office/studio of sorts where women with entertainment industry aspirations spend their days practicing. Patrons will drop by to watch, paying what they feel appropriate. By night, as one of our local tour guides (a rent collector) tells us, things occur that we're better off not knowing about.

These are the titular "courtesans of Bombay," and we eventually come to learn a little (probably too little) about this peculiar industry in India's big cities. The most cutting moment is how one of the narrators notes that pregnant women in this area pray for a girl: A boy is useless, his only potential worth to the family would be in being a pimp to other girls. In the compound, one young girl is so valuable that she can work while the rest of the family just sleeps all day on the floor (as is seen frequently in the crude video footage).

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The Deceivers Review

File under unlikely.

Remember the bad guys in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom? Those were the Thuggee, worshippers of Kali who happily assassinated and robbed their prey in the early 1800s. Here, a young British officer (Pierce Brosnan) uncovers Thuggees working in colonial India.

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