Stop us if you've heard this one before, but Get Lucky is a gritty British crime thriller. Yeah, you know the type, and you'd be right given that it's been co-produced by the team behind Matthew Vaughn's Layer Cake. Get Lucky has been directed by Sacha Bennett, who can list Bonded by Blood, Outside Bet and Tu£sday among his credits, with Walter Taylaur and T.J. Ramini  making their screenwriting debuts - the latter also stars in the film.

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So the story goes that Lucky and Raphael are two brothers with a habit of organised crime. However, these lads are but petty criminals and they happen to find themselves getting embroiled in something bigger than they could ever have imagined when they find themselves owing £200,000 to big-time gangsters Sebastian and Mr. Kramer. Ouch. There's only one way to get that kind of filthy lucre of course: a heist. The main character Lucky is just back from a long vacation but, apparently known as a great getaway driver, he finds himself involved in the robbery on a secret casino owned by Mr. Zigic. There's also some love interest in there as well, as you'd expect.

The film comes out on August 9th in cinemas.