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Cohen: 'I'm Monitored By The Cia'

22nd September 2005

British funnyman SACHA BARON COHEN believes he is being watched by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) after filming inside American space agency NASA. Cohen, famous for his ALI G alter-ego, snuck into a secret...

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Parkinson Slams Ali G

22nd September 2005

British talk show host MICHAEL PARKINSON has slammed comedian SACHA BARON COHEN, accusing him of relying on scripts to be funny. Cohen appeared as his character ALI G on Parkinson's BBC show in 1999...

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Ali G Interviews Basketball Stars For New Tv Ads

22nd September 2005

British funnyman SACHA BARON COHEN has stepped back into the shoes of his famous ALI G character for a series of new US basketball TV ads directed by SPIKE LEE. In the hilarious new...

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Kanye West Is Style Icon Of The Year

8th September 2005

Grammy-winning hip-hop star KANYE WEST has been named Style Icon of the Year by Stuff magazine. While the publication has given MOS DEF, TRAVIS BARKER, ANDY RODDICK, SEAN 'DIDDY' COMBS, RALPH LAUREN and even...

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Tea Lovers Branagh, Lapaglia + Shatner Decorate Pots

27th August 2005

KENNETH BRANAGH, ANTHONY LAPAGLIA and WILLIAM SHATNER are showing off their artistic skills by decorating teapots for charity. The trio of actors are among the stars who have revamped crockery for an upcoming auction...

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Anderson Tackled By Cohen

22nd August 2005

Former BAYWATCH beauty PAMELA ANDERSON was tackled to the ground by British funnyman SACHA BARON COHEN as she attended the 'wedding' of her two pet dogs. The Canadian actress, 38, was the guest of...

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Fisher Credits Cohen For Comedy Role

20th July 2005

Actress ISLA FISHER credits her fiance SASHA BARON COHEN for giving her the confidence to star in the new hit comedy WEDDING CRASHERS. The Oman-born beauty has received acclaim for her performance as aggressive...

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Cohen Prank Offends Us Aristocrats

18th July 2005

ALI G star SACHA BARON COHEN is under fire for playing a trick on an aristocratic family in America's Deep South, after they failed to see the funny side of his latest race-inspired prank....

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Fisher Dreamt Of Being Hollywood Maid

14th July 2005

Australian actress ISLA FISHER always knew she would make it to Hollywood - but she's amazed she's working as a successful actress rather than a less glamourous job. The sexy red-head was determined to...

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Fisher Refuses To Work With Fiance Cohen

13th July 2005

Movie beauty ISLA FISHER has vowed never to work with fiance SACHA BARON COHEN on a film. The Australian actress insists married couples deserve their movies to be critically-mauled, because starring alongside a spouse...

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Ali G Insists Fisher Stays Dressed

6th July 2005

British Comedian SACHA BARON COHEN banned his fiancee ISLA FISHER from stripping nude in her new movie WEDDING CRASHERS. Australian Fisher has no problem with nudity on film, but says Cohen, whose alter ego...

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Fisher Lands A Date With Batman

5th July 2005

Australian actress ISLA FISHER is to play BATMAN's love interest in the sequel to BATMAN BEGINS. The former soap star, who is engaged to funnyman SACHA BARON COHEN, will replace KATIE HOLMES in the...

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Fisher Considers Converting To Judaism For Cohen

5th July 2005

Australian actress ISLA FISHER is considering converting to her funnyman fiance SACHA BARON COHEN's Jewish religion before their forthcoming wedding. The sexy redhead is fascinated by the ALI G comic's religious beliefs, because she...

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Fisher Slams Aniston And Pitt Eviction Reports

4th July 2005

Australian actress ISLA FISHER has slammed reports JENNIFER ANISTON threw her and fianc SACHA BARON COHEN out of her flat when she divorced actor BRAD PITT. The ALI G star and Fisher -...

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Borat Film In Balance After Director Storms Out

24th April 2005

Plans for a film starring outrageous television funnyman SACHA BARON COHEN based on his tactless alter-ego BORAT are being desperately salvaged after director TODD PHILIPS abandoned the project. PHILIPS cited extreme on-set tension as...

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Cohen Accused Of Stealing Ali G Character

6th April 2005

British comedian PAUL KAYE has accused funnyman SACHA BARON COHEN of stealing his DENNIS PENNIS character and turning him into hit comic creation ALI G. Kaye insists the man who helped him create Pennis...

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Cox And Arquette Get Behind British Comic's New Show

1st March 2005

COURTENEY COX and her husband DAVID ARQUETTE are set to give a British comedienne a boost in America by producing a new TV show all about her. The couple's COQUETTE PRODUCTIONS is the brains...

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Pitt Aniston Split Leaves Ali G Homeless

1st February 2005

The split of Hollywood golden couple JENNIFER ANISTON and BRAD PITT has left British comedian SACHA BARON COHEN and his fiancee homeless. The ALI G star and sexy actress ISLA FISHER - who met...

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Phillips Quit Borat After Receiving Death Threats

19th January 2005

LATEST: STARSKY AND HUTCH director TODD PHILLIPS quit the set of mock-documentary BORAT after receiving death threats. Last week (ends14JAN05), the film's star SACHA BARON COHEN caused outrage at a rodeo event in Virginia...

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Kazakh Community Distances Itself From Ali G Star

18th January 2005

British comedian SACHA BARON COHEN has sparked more controversy in America - this time among the country's Kazakh community. American-based Kazakhs are furious with the way Cohen's alter ego Borat portrays their people as...

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Ali G Star's Fall-out With Director

18th January 2005

STARSKY AND HUTCH director TODD PHILLIPS has left the set of BORAT after falling out with the mock-documentary's star SACHA BARON COHEN. ALI G funnyman Cohen and Phillips disagreed over the creative direction the...

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Cohen Sparks Chaos Over Bush Jibes

13th January 2005

Funnyman SACHA BARON COHEN caused outrage at an American rodeo event when he jokingly told spectators President GEORGE W BUSH should drink the blood of the Iraqi civilians he kills. The British comedian enraged...

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Portman An Ali G Fan

22nd October 2004

STAR WARS beauty NATALIE PORTMAN is such a huge fan of DA ALI G SHOW, she's declared it her new obsession. Portman has been captivated by British funnyman SACHA BARON COHEN's comic style ever...

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Spears To Show Off Rap Skills On Mix Tape

23rd September 2004

Pop beauty BRITNEY SPEARS will unveil her freestyle rap skills on a new hip-hop mix tape, which is set to go into circulation. Boston, Massachusetts, DJ CLINTON SPARKS is excitedly preparing to unleash the...

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Ali G Star Blasted By Kazakh Embassy

20th September 2004

Comedian SACHA BARON COHEN's new TV show has caused outrage among Kazakhstanis living in America, who insist the programme promotes negative racial stereotypes. The Kazakh embassy in the US has received a deluge of...

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Brad Pitt: The Next Ali G?

13th September 2004

Hollywood heart-throb BRAD PITT is a massive fan of British comedy character ALI G and even does impressions of him. Pitt surprised friends at a party during a break from filming TROY when he...

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Ali G Star Kicks Up A Storm With 'Anti-semitic' Song

20th August 2004

Comedian SACHA BARON COHEN's new TV show has caused uproar on both sides of the Atlantic, because it features a satirical anti-Semitic song. BORAT'S TELEVISION PROGRAMME, which is based around a fictional Kazakstani reporter,...

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Ali G Angers Veteran Broadcaster

18th August 2004

Fictional TV presenter ALI G proved to be painfully annoying for veteran American broadcaster ANDY ROONEY - because he couldn't understand the character's terrible grammar. Ali G, played by SACHA BARON COHEN, has earned...

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Shaggy Wants To Rap With Ali G Again

2nd August 2004

Rapper SHAGGY is keen to team up with fictional British TV presenter ALI G again - if there is a "ton of money" involved and the comedian stays in character. The IT WASN'T ME...

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Ali G Star Goes To Great Lengths To Stay In Character

21st July 2004

ALI G creator SACHA BARON COHEN is so dedicated to keeping his characters real, he often has to suffer for his art. The comedian - who is engaged to SCOOBY-DOO actress ISLA FISHER -...

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