The Million Second Quiz debuted as one of the most anticipated game shows television history last night. The new show is hosted by Ryan Seacrest and millions were expected to tune to see what the chatter was really about.

Did the show live up to the hype?

A game show called 'The Million Second Quiz' doesn't really give a clear idea about the premise or anything else for that matter. The show runs for one million seconds (surprisingly), which is approximately 11 and a half days and contestants will be constantly battling for a cash prize of up to $10 million.

NBC will air an hour round up of the day's events at a primetime slot, but as never before done in television history, the rest of the show will be viewable on a Million Second Quiz app. The attempt to engage an audience through the use of apps and social media is a ground-breaking idea, and NBC has recognised the 'twittersphere's power and influence in the entertainment industry, but will the audience really want to watch a show 24/7?

Robert Hayes, the NBC executive vice president of digital media, commented on the interactive show, "many discussions were about how the show needed to live beyond the hour long primetime broadcast and to live 24/7. With mobile growing significantly over the past few years and twitter being one of the largest platforms for entertainment conversations, it was a no-brainer to leverage that platform as one of the digital tent poles for engagement".

NBC has cast its resources to all the corners of social media platforms, from Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Facebook, Tumblr and YouTube. The commitment and effort couldn't be better but as for the success NBC hope to achieve, only time will tell.

Million Second Quiz airs on NBC AT 8/7c and will air at the same time each day all week.

Ryan Seacrest
Ryan Seacrest will be hositng the new quiz show