Ryan Seacrest was ever the smooth operator on the NBC's 'Today' show as he fielded potentially awkward questions from the show's host Matt Lauer about whether he would in fact be taking over the job of presenting the show after Lauer's contract expires at the end of the year. Seacrest was there to clarify his own future, and admitted he would be sticking with 'American Idol' as well as joining the Nbc cast for their Olympic coverage in the summer. However, when questioned about the matter of taking Lauer's spot he was coy.
"I see you doing this as long as you want to," Seacrest said, after being asked about rumors that he was looking to land the 'Today' seat. "So the question is: How long will you be on the 'Today' show?" he added, to which Lauer never answered.ABC="" for="" viewers="" according="" to="" new="" york="" daily="" news="" after="" latter="" pulled="" within="" nbc="" largely="" thanks="" calling="" former="" breakfast="" tv="" staple="" katie="" couric="" host="" morning="" america.="" reaction="" have="" called="" upon="" sarah="" palin="" whilst="" seacrest="" announcement="" yesterday="" was="" an="" aim="" keep="" ratings="" high.="" worked="" withthe="" e="" years="" and="" universal="" same="" family="" said.="" plan="" is="" me="" join="" continue="" role="" at="" network.="" first="" assignment="" will="" be="" primetime="" team="" olympics="" nbc.="">