We’ve all sat there, staring at our screen with a blank expression on our face while our friend conjures up a spotty washing machine and texts you saying, “it was the Lion King”.

It doesn’t make any sense, we know; trouble is, though, that’s a true story. But know we can just watch other people stare blankly on our television screens, as Draw Something (the game) will become Draw Something (The CBS TV show). Pictionary must be so, so, so annoyed. Although they had their turn in the 80s and couldn’t make it work. Zynga bought Draw Something and OMGPOP - the company that created it - a few months ago for the princely sum of $180 million. Still, considering they were also behind Words With Friends, a similar game but, you guess it, with words, it seems like snapping up one of the biggest mobile game developers wasn’t such a bad idea, even at that price. And the news of a TV show vindicates that. So far, no one knows who’ll host the show, and even though it’s being produced by Sony Pictures Television, Ryan Seacrest Productions and Embassy Row, Seacrest isn’t considered to be in the running.

It’s a huge time for mobile gaming, with Angry Birds having lead the way for years. But with internet connectivity on phones reaching unparalleled speeds with 4G, social mobile gaming seems to be the direction to go.

Ryan SeacrestWill Ryan Seacrest [far left] host Draw Something? Probably not