Ryan Reynolds has publicly thanked a smooth-voiced acting coach for helping him control panic attacks while he was locked in a coffin on the set of his new movie.
Warner Loughlin voices various telephone roles in Buried and came to Reynolds' assistance in between takes when The Proposal star's confined space started to freak him out.
And now Reynolds insists he doesn't know what he'd have done without her.
He says, "I was enclosed in there and I had my moments of utter panic that were soothed in different ways. There were times when I couldn't get in and out of the coffin with any kind of ease so I just had to stay in there with 50, 60, 70 pounds of wood pressing against me, so I started to have a moment of panic.
"One woman was playing all the roles on the other end of the phone, so I had a microphone very close to my chest and she would hear a panic attack starting because she could hear my heart rate accelerating when we weren't shooting.
"She would talk to me about wide open spaces, meadows, trees and esoteric stuff that would just chill me out and allow me to keep doing the job. I'm a big guy, so I tend to lean a little bit more towards claustrophobia than most."