Ryan Reynolds' suit in 'Green Lantern' is "the most aggravating" he has worked with.

The 33-year-old actor - who plays the titular superhero in the movie - confesses he had difficulty working with the motion-capture costume because of how hot it got.

He said: "This costume is a motion capture suit that I'm wearing, so because it's not seen on camera they've managed to find a material that I think most would agree is the most aggravating substance on earth. We're shooting in Louisiana which is pretty close to the sun. The suit's been difficult running around in a unitard in the New Orleans summer heat."

The Canadian actor also admits training for the film was different to other projects, but he expected to end up in hospital because he was working with 'Casino Royale' director Martin Campbell on the movie.

He said: "The training's just different. You're not training on an aesthetic level, you're training on a functional ability. You want to stay out of the hospital as long as possible, but it is a Martin Campbell movie so you're bound to be there once or twice. Martin described it as a knife fight in a phone booth. That's an apt description of how his action feels.

'Green Lantern' is set to hit cinemas in June 2011.