Ryan Reynolds landed a lucky escape from a recent random drug test on a road-side in Germany - after confessing to cops he suffers from stage fright when urinating in public.
The Proposal star was stunned when his car was pulled over by "creepy" cops one morning - and he was asked to go to a hotel to complete a random urine test for drugs.
But the actor talked his way out of the test after admitting to police he is pee-shy.
Recalling the incident to America's late night talk show host Jay Leno, Reynolds explains: "(I said), 'I'm happy to go down to the station', but I'm not going to a hotel with Officer Creepy standing behind me."
But there was more to his refusal than Reynolds let on. He told to the officers: "The real reason I can't go isn't just because it's beyond creepy - it's just I have maybe the world's shiest bladder. We would be standing there all day...
"I just can't perform like that."