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Witherspoon And Phillippe Split

30th October 2006

Oscar winner REESE WITHERSPOON and her husband RYAN PHILLIPPE have separated after seven years of marriage. The couple's representative released a statement to entertainment news website earlier today (30OCT06) saying, "We are saddened to...

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Phillippe Misses Daughter's School Day

27th October 2006

Movie heart-throb RYAN PHILLIPPE is being tormented by his daughter AVA ELIZABETH, after missing her first day of school for the last two years in succession. The CRASH actor and his wife REESE WITHERSPOON take...

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Phillippe And Witherspoon Keep Screen Separation

26th October 2006

Hollywood couple RYAN PHILLIPPE and REESE WITHERSPOON have no plans to co-star in a film together, following CRUEL INTENTIONS seven years ago (99) The pair met at the Oscar winner's 21st birthday party in...

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Eastwood's Bomb Surprise For Cast

23rd October 2006

CLINT EASTWOOD was so determined to film realistic battle scenes in new war movie FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS he didn't tell the cast when and where bombs would detonate. Actor RYAN PHILLIPPE admits Eastwood's unique...

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Phillippe's No Dummy When It Comes To Impressing Eastwood

22nd October 2006

Actor RYAN PHILLIPPE was so determined to impress his FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS director CLINT EASTWOOD he went to extraordinary lengths to make sure he arrived on set in character and ready to act. The...

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Phillippe's Portrayal Of War Hero Moves Medic's Son

18th October 2006

Movie star RYAN PHILLIPPE was moved to tears when he spotted the son of his FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS character sobbing off camera as he crawled through the mud during a pivotal battle scene. The...

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The Things They Say 3114

18th October 2006

"She told me I should retire because you couldn't make a better film than this. I'll wait a little longer." RYAN PHILLIPPE reveals his wife REESE WITHERSPOON is a big fan of his new war...

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The Things They Say 3082

12th October 2006

"Just being in his presence makes you feel like less of a man." RYAN PHILLIPPE was in awe of legendary film-maker CLINT EASTWOOD on the set of FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS.

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The Things They Say 3083

12th October 2006

"I've made 25 movies, and I probably liked four of them, but I don't have any professional regrets. You know, they're just movies." RYAN PHILLIPPE admits he needs to select his roles more carefully.

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Phillippe 'Plastered' At Golden Globes

4th October 2006

RYAN PHILLIPPE has attributed his Golden Globe exuberance earlier this year (JAN06) to being "plastered". The actor memorably jumped up and down, yelled and pumped his fists in the air when wife REESE WITHERSPOON picked...

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Fascinating Fact 2059

4th September 2006

Actor RYAN PHILLIPPE is investing in a new Wilmington, Delaware nightclub, which is set to open in 2007.

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Phillippe Lands Two-face Role?

16th August 2006

RYAN PHILLIPPE is set to take over from TOMMY LEE JONES after reportedly landing the role of HARVEY DENT/TWO-FACE in the upcoming BATMAN BEGINS sequel. REESE WITHERSPOON's husband will join HEATH LEDGER, who has signed...

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Witherspoon Sues Us Tabloid

22nd June 2006

LATEST: Oscar-winning actress REESE WITHERSPOON is suing America's Star magazine, claiming the tabloid invaded her privacy by publishing a "fictional" story about the actress' pregnancy. In the lawsuit, filed yesterday (21JUN06) in Los Angeles County...

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Pitt Tops Best Dad Poll

13th June 2006

BRAD PITT has been named Dad Of The Year in a new American Father's Day poll. As the movie hunk prepares to spend his first Father's Day surrounded by kids MADDOX, ZAHARA and baby SHILOH...

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Reese Witherspoon: 'My Marriage Is Sound'

10th May 2006

Oscar-winner REESE WITHERSPOON has lashed out at reports suggesting her marriage is in trouble, insisting she and husband RYAN PHILLIPPE are closer than ever. The WALK THE LINE star, who has five-year-old daughter AVA with...

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Phillippe And Witherspoon Top Style Poll

7th April 2006

RYAN PHILLIPPE and REESE WITHERSPOON have topped a new poll to find Hollywood's Most Stylish Couple. The acting pair beat JAY-Z and BEYONCE KNOWLES and new couple RYAN GOSLING and RACHEL MCADAMS to be crowned...

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Maddox Is Top Of The Tots

19th March 2006

ANGELINA JOLIE and BRAD PITT's adopted son MADDOX has topped a new poll of cute celebrity kids. Cambodian-born Maddox beat BROOKE SHIELDS' baby daughter ROWAN and JULIANNE MOORE's two-year-old LIV HELEN on American magazine In...

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Witherspoon Dedicates Oscar To Exes

7th March 2006

Academy Award winner REESE WITHERSPOON dedicated her Oscar win to all the ex-boyfriends who dumped her. Before finding love and marrying CRASH heart-throb RYAN PHILLIPPE, Witherspoon had several relationships with boys who treated her badly....

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The Things They Say 1552

7th March 2006

"It's an amazing dress... I think it's the best one she's ever worn." Actor RYAN PHILLIPPE was a big fan of the second-hand, 51-year-old CHRISTIAN DIOR gown his wife REESE WITHERSPOON wore to the Oscars...

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Witherspoon To Celebrate Globe Win In Bed

18th January 2006

Golden Globe winner REESE WITHERSPOON was left red-faced following her triumph at the star-studded bash, when her husband RYAN PHILLIPPE declared the couple would celebrate in bed. The blonde actress picked up Best Performance...

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Phoenix Loses Pocket Money Bet To Phillippe

17th January 2006

LATEST: JOAQUIN PHOENIX had to pay up $220 (GBP125) to pal RYAN PHILLIPPE after claiming the Best Actor prize at the Golden Globes last night (16JAN06), because he lost a bet with the CRASH star....

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Witherspoon Records Sinatra For Her Husband

3rd January 2006

REESE WITHERSPOON gave her husband RYAN PHILLIPPE a very special Christmas gift - she recorded two of his favourite FRANK SINATRA tunes. The actress, who showed off her singing skills as JUNE CARTER CASH...

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Phillippe Voted Hottest Hollywood Dad

1st December 2005

REESE WITHERSPOON's hunky husband RYAN PHILLIPPE has been voted Hollywood's hottest dad in a new magazine poll. The smouldering CRASH star beat WILL SMITH and JOHNNY DEPP in the new list, which was voted...

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Witherspoon Glad To Be In Man Movie

14th November 2005

REESE WITHERSPOON is especially proud of her performance in JOHNNY CASH biopic WALK THE LINE, because at last she has made a movie her husband's friends want to watch. The SWEET HOME ALABAMA star...

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Beatty + Bening Top New Hollywood Marriage Poll

5th November 2005

WARREN BEATTY and ANNETTE BENING have topped a new poll of Hollywood's most perfect married couples, beating TOM HANKS and RITA WILSON. The Beattys have been given an `A++' rating in the new USA...

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Witherspoon Names Dog After Sinatra

23rd September 2005

Actress REESE WITHERSPOON has added an extra celebrity touch to her home, by naming her dog after late crooner FRANK SINATRA. Witherspoon and her husband RYAN PHILLIPPE have gone as far as to give...

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Philippe Snubs Witherspoon's Films

16th September 2005

Actor RYAN PHILLIPPE has ruled out starring in a film with his wife REESE WITHERSPOON again, because he hates her movies. The couple starred together in 1999 romantic drama CRUEL INTENTIONS and since...

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Phillippe Explains Anatomy To Son

9th September 2005

Hollywood actress REESE WITHERSPOON has learned the difficult aspects of raising a little boy, after her baby son DEACON asked her to explain what his penis was. Witherspoon, who also has a six-year-old daughter...

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Phillippe Tests Witherspoon With Coffee Rings

25th August 2005

SWEET HOME ALABAMA star REESE WITHERSPOON has a huge problem with her husband RYAN PHILLIPPE's habits around the house - particularly his refusal to use a coaster. The mother-of-two admits Phillippe's reluctance to use...

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