Ryan Gosling has been a target for internet meme artists for a couple of years now, though it looks as though Glasgow resident Ryan McHenry may have come up with the funniest clip yet. In the video posted on social networking application Vine, Gosling is seen being spoon fed cereal in scenes taken from a range of his movies, including Crazy Stupid Love, Blue Valentine and Drive. Ryan Gosling won't eat his cereal.

The actor shuns his breakfast cereal by closing his eyes, pulling up his garden and even slapping the spoon out of the feeder's hand. The video became an instant hit and saw Gosling feature as a trending topic on Twitter. The creator of the video, McHenry, is actually a BAFTA winning short filmmaker having been honoured for his movie Zombie Musical.

The Twitter responses to the video were often as hilarious as the videos themselves, with one dumfounded Gosling fan saying, "I think I might be losing track of the internet. Ryan Gosling is trending on Twitter, and I think it's just because he won't eat his cereal." Another said, "What now? Is it even worth posting anything else? I think the Ryan Gosling cereal meme just won Internet."

We get the feeling cheeky internet memesters might have already got to work on their own Ryan Gosling won't eat his cereal videos.

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