The premiere for Ryan Gosling’s newest high-budget flick, Gangster Squad, took place last Monday and early reviews for the film are in.

Let’s just say they aren’t exactly favorable. It may be too early to estimate its success at the box office, but the campy gangster movie is certainly not a hit with the critics – managing to get only 33% on movie review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes and unfavorable reviews all around. According to the LA Times, the film does show promise, but ultimately misses “the soul of the era”. The Guardian calls it “slick but shallow” and that seems to be the overall consensus.

Nevertheless, the film does feature some Hollywood favorites like Emma Stone and Sean Penn (and Gosling, of course), so, good or not, it’s bound to draw in audiences at least for the first week. Meanwhile, the stars of the flick have been making the rounds promoting it and that includes more than one interview where they reveal fun details about the shoot, such as Gosling’s disappointment with the tiny “lady gun” he was stuck with for the flick. It might not be the most thrilling piece of information, but hey, anything that gives us the chance to look at beautiful people for a bit, is alright. Check out the trailer for Gangster Squad below.