Actor Ryan Gosling has a secret side project as a rock star after turning a stage musical concept into a new band called Dead Man's Bones.
The Notebook star and his pal Zach Shields realised their ambitious idea was too expensive to stage or film, so they hit the studio instead.
He tells WENN, "We started off wanting to make a play about zombies and ghosts and monsters who are lonely and looking for love. We wanted kids to sing it but it turned out to be the most expensive play of all time and nobody would make it, so we thought, 'We'll make it into a movie...' But that was equally expensive, so we thought we'd make it into a record.
"Now suddenly we're a band, which was never the plan... It's the two of us trying for an Everly Brothers kind of thing.
"Our first record was called Never Let A Lack of Talent Get You Down. We'd like to do another one."