Beware the quirky Brit-com -- especially the kind that take place in a quiet little village. They can and will turn on a dime from oddly humorous to tediously sentimental.

"Very Annie-Mary" is such a prime example of this phenomenon that it even makes blatant reference to similar movies on several occasions. What's with the 10-year-old kids acting out rather inappropriate scenes from "The Full Monty" in their front garden?

Those kids are only seen in passing in this film, but the title character isn't any more original. She's a slightly feeble-witted, child-like adult and wannabe singer whose dreams are always quashed by the terribly domineering single parent with whom she still lives. If this sounds familiar, you've probably seen "Little Voice," this genre's high water mark. If it doesn't sound familiar, rent "Little Voice" and save yourself the trouble of sitting through this inferior imitator.

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