If Frank Sinatra had been born in Scotland, would he sound exactly the same? In Strictly Sinatra, Ian Hart's uber-Brit sounds like a squeaky-voiced Glaswegian when he talks, but he has a low and smooth American voice when he sings. He even croons Elvis! And his name is Toni Cocozza!

Alas, Strictly Sinatra is just as perplexing as its lead character, from Hart's ridiculous, patchy 'fro (this makes him sexy?) to his inexplicable involvement with the local mob (led by Brian Cox in another hardass performance). The thick accents are difficult enough to fathom, but when the characters have to scream over ambient noise, it's far worse. By the time Sinatra turns into GoodFellas, you'll have likely given up on the whole affair. (Worst moment: Boy-meets-girl montage reminds you of those aching moments that passed between the two lovebirds 45 minutes earlier.)

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