Rap mogul Russell Simmons has plans to promote positivity in the realm of hip-hop - by encouraging rappers to take up yoga.

The Def Jam co-founder is currently preparing to release RUSSELL SIMMONS PRESENTS YOGA LIVE, a series of four videos teaming the ancient practice with hip-hop tracks.

And he believes that more yoga would lead to a better world.

He says, "If yoga could become an important part of American culture, it would promote more well-being in America and the world. This could be a better, brighter cultural landscape.

"To practice yoga promotes peace and love and giving, which is the reason for us being here. The more I could promote yoga, the more I could give the world what was really special.

"When I think of 50 CENT I think of the high notes. I think of the goodness in all of them. When he sees me he thinks of yoga. When he sees me he thinks of yoga.

"(SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS) has been (to my yoga classes), and a bunch of rappers. It's not full of rappers yet, but we're hopeful.

"It affects what everybody raps about. I bring Nation Of Islam guys here, and a bunch of people from the foundation. All their rap changes for the better."

21/03/2005 21:45