Russell Crowe has hit back at Adam Lambert, who has previously aired his issues with Les Miserables on twitter, criticising the singing in the remake via twitter. That's right: 'twittercising'.

Lambert initially tweeted: "Les Mis: Visually impressive w great Emotional performances. But the score suffered massively with great actors PRETENDING to be singers," adding "It's an opera. Hollywoods movie musicals treat the singing as the last priority. (Dreamgirls was good)." He also added, that "The industry will say 'these actors were so brave to attempt singing this score live' but why not cast actors who could actually sound good?" while adding that director Tom Hooper "should have studio recorded and sweetened the vocals" 

Crowe - star of the film and a fellow Twitter user - decided to use the same medium to defend his film. "I don't disagree with Adam, sure it could have been sweetened," Crowe tweeted, "[Director Tom] Hooper wanted it raw and real, that's how it is."

Lambert did later backtrack, trying to qualify his previous Tweet-action, saying, "Sorry for being so harsh but it's so True! I'm so glad we are all discussing this now! Look -- I grew up w this musical and so my expectations are quite high. Didn't mean to b negative."

Regardless of the vocal talents in the film, or lack of, according to Lambert, it has grossed more than $116 million at box offices worldwide since its Christmas release.