A TV spot for the new Man Of Steel movie has been made available by the film’s makers Warner Bros. and it gives us our first taste of General Zod as he threatens earth if they do not return one of his people to him. Zod was a pretty formidable fella back in Superman II in 1980, but it sounds like his 21st century version might be even more of a menace, if you’re to go by the menacing tone of his voice anyway. Check it below.

Meanwhile Warner have also revealed a longer trailer for the film, which is coming out on June 14th 2013, and it shows Russell Crowe mithering about as Superman’s dad, at one point possibly sounding like he’s performing a spoken word rendition of Razorlight’s ‘Stumble & Fall’ (if any of you remember that,) and generally bigging up ahead of his imminent arrival to planet Earth. He’s going to be a saviour to us apparently, to help us do wonderful things.

That may be the case, but given the TV spot we reckon first of all he’s going to have his hands tied up by General Zod getting all up in his grill, the pair subsequently using planet Earth as a battle ground. We bet that’s not what he had in mind when he arrived.