Russell Brand has admitted that he still gets heckled about his relationship with Katy Perry. In an interview with ShortList, he revealed that punters at his stand-up gigs shout “[inaudible mumbling] Katy Perry!” at him but although it’s difficult to have the subject of a recently failed marriage thrown in your face, he tries not to pay too much attention to the abuse.

Putting things into perspective, Brand told his interviewer “it’s horrible. But you’ve got to be a big boy if you’re standing on stage in front of 10,000 people and you’ve taken 50 quid off each of them. They should shout what they want.” On the subject of divorce, Brand insists that it may have changed him but it hasn’t put him off marriage. “I feel different about my private life,” said Brand. “I feel like I need to have one now. If you’re married to someone who’s also famous, privacy becomes a commodity. But f*cking hell, that’s not really a problem in a world where people are starving. My attitude to fame and celebrity changes continually.”

Brand stands by the institution of marriage, though, even if his betrothal to Katy was short-lived. “I liked marriage. Most of it was brilliant. You can’t condemn an institution on one incident. You can’t condemn the whole Catholic Church for a few dodgy priests [laughs].” 

Russell Brand

Russell Brand ignores the heckles about his marriage to Katy Perry