Russell Brand is obsessed with bridal magazines.

The British funnyman got engaged to singer Katy Perry in December and while she claims to be relaxed about planning their wedding, her fiance is throwing himself into creating the perfect day for their nuptials.

She said: "I'm not that obsessed with plans. But if we stop for breakfast, he has to stop and get 'Bride' magazine. It gets a little crazy."

The 'I Kissed a Girl' hitmaker also revealed she is hoping her close friend Rihanna will help organise her bachelorette party ahead of the big day - after bribing her with gifts.

Katy told website Hollyscoop: "Is Rihanna organising it? I hope she does after all the crazy a*s presents I sent her."

Despite the attention her romance with 34-year-old Russell - who she has been dating since last September - has received, Katy, 25, is hoping to keep her wedding out of the spotlight.

Asked if she had a date in mind for the ceremony, she said: "It's going to be the right perfect time when none of you are gonna know!"

One of the reasons why Russell has so much time to read bridal magazines is that he has cut down on corresponding with other people since getting engaged to Katy.

He revealed recently: "The best thing about getting married is that now I only have one person to write to and we live together - in the past there were a lot of people to correspond with so I had to resort to spamming."