Russell Brand thinks he will be a "good" dad.

The British comic actor is already thinking about starting a family with his fiancee Katy Perry - who he is set to marry in India this weekend - and is confident he will be a great parent.

When asked what sort of father he will make, he said: "I hope a good one, really. I don't know when I'll have children you know because Katy is almost 26 and we both work a lot of the time but when I'm around other people's children I go for it and I'm up for playing; I really like kids."

Reformed ladies man Russell has also revealed he couldn't be more in love with Katy and has compared to her to a fine "vintage" wine.

Referring to his womanising past, the 35-year-old star said in an interview on UK TV show 'This Morning': "I did not sip like a connoisseur I barged through the vineyard kicking over barrels and guzzling grapes as they grew.

"I suppose you find your vintage. Perhaps it's not the right analogy given that I'm an alcoholic, but I've found someone and I get on really well with her. I find it easy. It's nice and when you find someone you get on with things like fame and celebrity cease to matter and it's like having a mate and someone you get on with and can be normal with."

Russell also revealed Katy gets on great with his mother Barbara, but he doesn't want them to get on too well because he doesn't want them to gang up on him.

He said: "Katy was lovely when she met my mum. She came round my mum's house. Katy's dead nice and normal, a down to earth easy going sort of person. She's really, really sweet and easy to be around and she was lovely with my mum, they get on right well. But you don't want them getting too much of an alliance going though do you? You want to keep people baffled and confused, you don't want them coming down on you."