Russell Brand would like to eat food off of David Beckham.

The British comedian - who split with singer Katy Perry after just 14 months of marriage last year - thinks the soccer star is a ''god'', and believes an egg would be perfect to eat off him because it needs to be ''mopped up''.

He said: ''David Beckham is a god. Just look at him in those underwear ads. I'm not gay but I would eat food off his body. Preferably something that needs to be mopped up, like egg. I'd eat it off his stomach.''

Russell has previously battled with both sex and drug addictions in the past, and he admits he still thinks about both vices on a regular basis.

Speaking while performing at Largo at the Coronet in Los Angeles on Tuesday (16.10.12), he said: ''I think about drugs and sh***ing all the time. If I'm not thinking about drugs, I'm thinking about sh***ing or thinking about taking drugs and then having sex while high. Sometimes I think about the 'Doctor Who' theme tune too because I like how it sounds. ''