Russell Brand would like get married in the Arctic.

The British comic star has dreamed of getting married in the frozen North Pole since he was a "little girl" and claims his wedding to pop star Katy Perry may take place there.

Speaking on a special yellow carpet at the premiere of his new animated film 'Despicable Me' in London last night (11.10.10), Russell laughed to BANG Showbiz: "The wedding has not been arranged. I'm hoping to hold it in the Arctic sometime in June. I might get a polar bear to conduct the ceremony.

"It's what I've always wanted. Every little girl grows up dreaming of that and I was no different."

The 35-year-old heartthrob had his own waxwork unveiled at Madame Tussauds London earlier in the day, and joked the model had come alive and was undertaking "random acts of unkindness" in the British capital, meaning he had to rush off from the premiere to apprehend it.

He quipped: "The waxwork I have had made of me has come to life and is stalking the London streets even now, committing random acts of unkindness, so I've got to track him down before I get blamed. I have to catch my own waxwork. Katy is out and about, duckin' and divin', trying to hunt down the waxwork herself."

'Despicable Me' features Steve Carell voicing the lead character Dru - a criminal mastermind whose life is changed by a group of orphaned girls - and he admits he is impressed by Russell's particular brand of humour.

He said: "Russell makes me laugh. I love his general demeanour. He's fearless."