Russell Brand won't marry Katy Perry until she learns how to cook.

The 'Get Him to the Greek' star is delighted that his singer fiancee can match his high sex drive, but thinks she is currently lacking too much in the culinary department to be the perfect wife.

He said: "Katy is sexy, which is good because if I don't have an orgasm every 15 or 16 minutes, I can become very difficult. But, if she's going to marry me, she's going to learn how to cook."

The 34-year-old funnyman also claimed Katy should be delighted by his previous womanising ways as the fact he has now chosen monogamy proves how much he loves her.

He told "I said, 'Katy, you need to know, I'm not virgin. In fact, if you're counting, the list of my sexual escapades is mind-boggling. But these women will be celebrated for ever more. And they will live on in my imagination.'

"Then, I said, 'Katy, look at my past as an audition process. I went through all of those girls to get to you. And you don't even have to thank me.'

"I didn't choose monogamy. Monogamy chose me. I feel excited to be marrying such a lovely girl. I am now officially engaged because love made me crazy. It's a big brain trick. Love is the universal migraine."

Russell also admitted he and the 25-year-old star want to start a family.

He joked: "Of course we're going to have a child some day. I'm hoping for a hybrid creature, something from Greek mythology like a satyr."